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The shopping experience redefined.
Conceived to cater to every retail need of residents and visitors, the centre is a masterpiece of design and an attraction in its own right. It’s part of a visionary development that will transform the surrounding area, and the city of Lagos.
Covering roughly 0000sq/m, it contains more than sixty zones divided into retail spaces, bars, restaurants, pharmacies, cinemas and other services. It’s also a gateway to the world, offering a range of international products and brands. In short, the complex is the lifeblood of Eko Atlantic City.
As Nigeria’s economy continues to grow at a breakneck pace, luxury and personalised services are in high demand. The shopping centre is a commitment to meet those aspirations and to build a sustainable community.

The Shopping Mall

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+ 50 Shops
Bar & Restaurant

Ground Floor

Innovative, elegant, practical. Architecture that’s a perfect fusion of function and form.

An open-air garden is the heart of the complex. It’s an oasis for shoppers and the perfect place to relax and meet friends. The garden also offers a fantastic view to the retail and leisure units which overlook it.

Radiating out from the central hub is a modern supermarket stocking international and local food products and consumer goods.
Catering to all tastes: The supermarket houses a deli and bakery and offers freshly prepared food. Shelves are packed with a wide selection of local and international products.

Choose your store on the ground floor

A futuristic retail space in which the customer is king. Excellent service, an ergonomic layout and quality products make shopping at this supermarket a real experience.
2020sqm is set aside for food and a further 1000sqm for other goods. The supermarket complex contains offices, warehouse space and dedicated storage areas.
A place to grab lunch or enjoy a formal dinner. The fine dining experience is enhanced by views looking out over the rotunda garden.
Flexible commercial solutions for retail operators. The space is designed to facilitate a wide variety of potential uses, with individual unit size starting at 85sqm.
The inclusion of a laundry offering a range of services reflects the project’s integrated approach. The everyday needs and comforts of Lagos Energy City’s future residents have been considered - and provided for. 75sqm has been set aside for the laundry.
Launge Bar
Stretching from the shopping arcade to the central rotunda, the 200sqm lounge bar is an informal alternative to the restaurant. Its welcoming atmosphere and chic contemporary décor make it a great place to relax with friends.
An easily accessible and fully-stocked pharmacy occupying 100sqm. It’s also open twenty-four hours a day.
Soothing tranquillity, abundant charm and natural beauty are its defining features. A convenient rendezvous point, and space to escape the pressures of urban life. The opposite side of the hub can be seen from any angle and position, conveying a sense of design unity.
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Shopping in the mall is never a chore. Shelves heaving with delicacies to titillate the taste buds, designer brand stores, rest areas, a restaurant and bar… the center is a retail experience enjoyed by visitors as well as residents.
Daily delivery of fresh produce
Thorough quality control
Wide selection of fine foods
Fully-trained and experienced staff
Local and international products
Private on-site security service
Extensive video surveillance
Monitoring of access and exit points
Range of international brands
In-house pharmacy
Dedicated parking zone
Lifts and escalators
Restaurants, dining areas and bars
WiFi coverage across the site
Relaxation and chillout zones

The world on your doorstep

The next generation of supermarkets
A futuristic environment, combining quality, functional design and first-class customer service.

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