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Soaring over Victoria Island’s skyline, the Trade Center is destined to be a game-changing commercial hub. Stylish, upscale offices are encased in glittering glass-fronted towers, a visible expression of Lagos’ confidence and maturity. It’s also a statement to investors that the city welcomes new investors and opportunities.
As well as substantial office space, the Center also contains meeting and conference rooms to suit every business needs. At thirty-six floors, the building offers unrivalled views of Lagos on one side and the shimmering expanse of the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Transparent glass penthouse levels radiate light like huge lanterns. Encased within them are neatly ordered gardens, sympathetically integrated into the overall design.
The square below is a continuation of Eko Energy City’s theme of balancing urbanity with the natural world through sensitively placed fountains, trees and ornamental pools – all reflected in the mirrored windows of the Trade Center. Atlantic winds flow around the building’s base, cooling the plaza and surrounding pedestrian areas.

The Trade Center

Seleziona il piano e il tipo di appartamento
Total Floor
762 Sqm
178 Sqm
Common area
517 Sqm


The view from the higher levels of the Trade Center is nothing short of breathtaking. As in the rest of the building, all windows have a high degree of natural radiation and heat protection thanks to intelligent sunscreen technology. Air-conditioning is present throughout the Center, as is sound insulation. That means that while temperatures may be hitting the mid-forties in the city outside, the office space remains cool, bright and quiet. From the 27th floor up, offices are dedicated to senior management and the C-suite, with accordingly meticulous attention to design detail.
Its enviable position offers occupants and visitors unique views of the city.

More than an office

As its name suggests, the Trade Center fulfils a broad range of business needs. As well as providing the latest in workspace design, it contains advanced conference and meeting facilities. Its strategic location makes it a gateway between Victoria Island’s existing business district and the rest of Eko Energy City.
The building is also designed with flexibility in mind. Space can be easily reconfigured to match individual requirements. A floor may be occupied by a single company or several organisations. Several levels may be occupied by the same organisation. It’s equally suited to financial services, logistics companies and the oil and gas sector. With its exclusive ambience, it’s the right place for businesses to present themselves to current and prospective clients.
Full office management services
Broad range of office sizes
Meeting and convention rooms
Exacting technical specifications
Flexible and adaptable space
Views overlooking the city
Private security service
Closed-circuit video surveillance
Access and exit control across the site
Round-the-clock reception
24-hour cleaning service
Private underground parking garage
Continuous electricity supply
Air circulation system
Continuous clean water supply
Dedicated internet and telephone lines
Soundproofing and privacy measures
Four lifts

Choose your best solution

A standard series of floorplans, with options of single offices, double offices and areas set aside for conference rooms. Every floor has IT and technical rooms, and bathrooms.
For occupiers looking solely for office solutions. It’s an option that is suitable for companies looking to accommodate a large number of employees. The space can be divided into units of varying sizes according to specific requirements.
For situations where the occupier is primarily looking for executive and managerial offices, with secondary support office space. It’s a solution designed to meet the needs of managers and their administrative support staff.
The Management option is ideal for occupiers looking for a mix of large offices and conference rooms. It’s designed around a need to hold internal and external meetings on a daily basis, often in companies organised into small, semi-autonomous teams.


Every area of Eko Energy City is interconnected. From offices to residential blocks and from the park to the shopping mall, pathways chart clear and efficient routes across the development.

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