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A dream is being realised in Lagos. A game-changing commercial, retail and residential hub in the heart of the city’s most dynamic area. Rising triumphantly over Victoria Island, Eko Energy City’s blend of cutting edge technology, sophisticated urban design and contemporary luxury makes it the place to live and work in Nigeria. We’ll be keeping you in the loop about Eko Energy City as it continues to take shape, posting regular updates and articles on the project’s progress. You’ll also be able to read about exciting developments in Lagos as they happen, and how they relate to Eko Energy City.
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Eko Energy City, Work in Progress

December 2018

November 2018

Removal of external scaffolding 40% completed
Construction of the internal walls Started, 20% completed
Construction and installation of the sewage system, completed 80%
Luxury floor laying, gress wood texture and marble, 90% completed

September 2018

The external structure is complete.
Outdoor painting 100% completed
Windows installed 100% completed
Glass parapets installed 100% completed
removal of external scaffolding Started
Started luxury floor laying, gress wood texture and marble, 30% completed

May 2018

The first phase of the project includes the completion of the entire Residential area. This includes the Sail Palace, three luxurious and exclusive residential towers and all associated service facilities, the sports center with gyms, the wellness center, and bars. The private parking lots and the surrounding garden park will be constructed during this stage.
The external structure of the towers ended at 80%, external painting complete 60%, windows and parapets 80% complete

The pictures in this brochure are artists’ renderings, designed to give a visual impression of Eko Energy City once completed. The images are indicative, but represent the intended appearance of the city as closely as possible, following current architectural and spatial design plans. Using, selling or distributing this brochure without the express permission of Orlean Invest is absolutely prohibited. All rights, intellectual property and projects of Eko Energy City are the exclusive property of Orlean Invest.
Eko Energy City is West Africa’s most ambitious vision of urban living. It’s a holistic project featuring residential, commercial and leisure areas, all seamlessly integrated into a single development. As well as creating a vibrant new business hub in Lagos, Eko Energy City sets the gold standard for luxury housing in the region. It’s Africa’s century. With Nigeria poised to enter the first rank of global economies over the coming decades, this is the perfect time to invest in the present - and future. Eko Energy City isn’t just revolutionary, it’s evolutionary.

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