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A fast-track to the future

Nigeria’s outlook is rosy. The rate of economic change is accelerating. If the country holds course, it’s likely to rise into the ranks of the world’s top twenty economies. The search for locations in Nigeria that can help it to achieve that aim is ongoing. It’s vitally important that the right strategic sites are identified, with the right infrastructure, to translate complex global aspirations into reality.
Eko Atlantic City is one of those sites.
From its origins as a land reclamation scheme intended to protect Lagos from coastal erosion, the development has metamorphosed into one of West Africa’s most ambitious developments. Its position grants it direct access to Lagos’ key business districts, while simultaneously providing its workers and residents with the benefits of working in a wholly self-contained commercial and residential ecosystem. The oceanside location also brings added benefits of cleaner air and peerless views across the Atlantic.
With its mix of luxury apartments and advanced commercial facilities, Eko Atlantic City offers investors the opportunity to get on board a project with boundless potential. As well as a state-of-the-art business hub, it also includes an ultramodern shopping area and a host of leisure options.


Strategic Position

Eko Energy City is built on an area of land bordering Lagos with excellent lines of communication, and transportation, to the city. Its position next to the ocean opens up further commercial opportunities.

Flexible office solutions

The Trade Center contains a blend of representative and exclusive offices designed to have considerable FDI appeal. They will enhance the credibility of firms and provide unparalleled networking opportunities.

Luxury residential zone

As mentioned, the project isn’t confined to business premises. It also includes a substantial residential area to house domestic and international businesspeople, and their families. With a broad range of on-site amenities and services, as well as dedicated security solutions, it will form a new community of ambitious professionals.

On a human scale

Lagos Energy City was designed on a human scale, with the comfort and ease of residents, workers and visitors prioritised at every stages. Pedestrianised areas and leafy boulevards enable efficient movement throughout the complex, without the noise and pollution of motorised vehicles. It’s an oasis of calm.

A new retail destination

The shopping mall will be Lagos’ finest. With exceptional attention paid to the layout and striking visual appearance of the building, it’s designed to attract shoppers from beyond Eko City’s boundaries. Upmarket goods, international brands, integrated technology and first-rate service make it a unique proposition in Lagos.

Free Time

Work isn’t everything. Our sports facilities, relaxation zones, shopping areas, and restaurants and bars give residents and visitors an array of leisure options. In short, people will want to come to Eko Atlantic City.
The entire development is spread over an area of 413,000 sq/m.The project involves the area to the north and includes an area of 118,000 sq/m.

Phase A

Building Start

The first phase of the project includes the completion of the entire Residential area. This includes the Sail Palace and all associated service facilities, the sports center with gyms, the wellness center, and bars. The private parking lots and the surrounding garden park will be constructed during this stage. Phase A will also see the realisation of the Shopping Center – the shopping mall, and all shops and supporting services.
An exclusive residential complex, housing luxury apartments of varying sizes. Sails Palace has been designed - and will be built - to the most comprehensive and advanced construction standards. The clients it will appeal to range from international businesspeople on overseas postings to West Africa’s new, dynamic and highly successful entrepreneurial classes.
A retail area with a futurist visual aesthetic, destined to be the premier destination for discerning shoppers across the city. Boasting international brands, cinemas, bars and restaurants, it has all the familiar comforts of the modern metropolis – in one, easy-to-access location.

Phase B

Coming Soon

Eko Energy City’s commercial and financial zone will take shape in the second phase of construction. The Trade Center is at the heart of the new development. Slender glass-fronted towers thrust skywards, light blazing from luxury penthouse offices. A plaza below the office complex will contain fountains and other water features, as well as trees and ornamental shrubbery.
Innovation, ergonomics, utility. The offices of the Center are designed to be as flexible as possible, giving occupiers an array of layout options. Internal space is able to be reconfigured at short notice and at minimal cost. The possibilities are endless.
A commercial hub that’s fully aligned with Lagos’ ambitions, and ready to embrace its bright future.

A city on a human scale

Every part of Eko Energy City is designed around the human experience. Buildings aren’t constructed in isolation, but integrated into an urban masterplan which weaves the project into a coherent whole. Each element is carefully considered. Pedestrianised areas facilitate easy movement around the development, eliminating the need for motorised transportation. Parkland envelops both the residential and commercial sections of the site. It’s a place for people to feel comfortable, safe and at home in. A place for living.

An exclusive marina bay

Look at the map and find this

The international school

Look at the map and find this

A modern hospital

Look at the map and find this

Futuristic infrastructures

Look at the map and find this

A new beginning

Lagos is Africa’s most populous city. It’s young, vibrant and a vast wellspring of talent. Eko Energy City is the right development at the right time for a region that’s ready to catapult Nigeria into the ranks of the global top twenty economies. It embraces innovative technology and the very latest in design, effortlessly fusing luxury and function. With state-of-the-art medical facilities, international schools, and the advanced infrastructure you’d expect in a modern city, it won’t just be a place to live and work in Lagos. It will be the place.

The next stage of urban evolution

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