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Sheets of drywall Installation

Sheets of drywall Installation

We’re pleased to report that the first phase of laying dry-wall panels for dry partitions has commenced at the site.

Drywall panels are often an essential part of the construction process. They are used to improve the aesthetics of a building by covering unsightly walls, and as partitions to divide up and shape internal spaces. The interior partition walls being installed are also soundproofed, ensuring a peaceful and relaxing living area for residents.

Drywall panels can also be used to alter the height of the ceiling and are able to have lighting installed in them.

The panels currently being installed are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and come in various configurations. The type of drywall used usually depends on the location in which it’s installed, with certain areas requiring panels with specific qualities.

At the same time as the installation of the drywall, the counterframes for the sliding doords were also fitted. The frames selected for the project are all made by one of the world’s foremost manufacturers of interior counterframes. Delivery of the sliding doors will take place shortly, by which time the installation of the frames should be complete.

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