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Window and Balustrade installation, Tower one.

 Windows Frame

All floor-to-ceiling window frames are manufactured from high-quality aluminium, with an anodized protective coating which also gives the surface a pleasing aesthetic quality. The gold-coloured frame adds to the ambience of luxury which permeates every apartment, and provides a visual counterbalance to the surrounding materials.  A polyamide thermal break system ensures a high degree of insulation which exceeds all contemporary architectural standards.  The aluminium profile allows for more effective acoustic control, is fire retardant, and more environmentally friendly and secure.  Installation of profiles is already 98% complete in Tower 1.

 Balustrade Glass

A key visual motif of the building exterior are the glass balustrades. Each balustrade is made of 10+10 laminated glass with a smooth, polished edge. The tempering process means that each sheet of glass is exceptionally tough, ideal for security and safety purposes as its virtually shatterproof. In daylight conditions the glass has a light emerald hue. Harmony between the natural and man-made environment is one of the central themes of the development, and the choice of glass connects the building to both the nearby ocean and the sky. The balustrade glass is also highly resistant to adverse weather conditions and provides an unparalleled level of safety for apartments with children, because of its high impact resistance.  Installation of the glass is now complete in Tower 1.

 Window Glass

Each window is fitted with 4+4 double glazing containing a layer of argon gas for thermal insulation. This minimises energy consumption by helping to cool the interior of the apartment through a reduction in cooling dispersion. The amount of ultraviolet and infrared light able to pass through the window is cut down without compromising visible light levels. This helps to maintain a stable interior temperature, conserving energy. A reflective exterior surface blends the building’s façade with the sky, to stunning effect. The installation of windows and glass in Tower 1 is now complete.

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