An exclusive residential cluster which sets a new standard for living in Lagos.
Located in the new Eko Energy City district on Victoria Island, Sails Place is an exciting fusion of luxury, utility and technology. It’s designed to integrate perfectly with the rest of Eko Energy City, the residential component of a bold and aspirational scheme which will redraw the area and invigorate commerce. Although moments away from both the Trade Center and the business zones of Victoria Island, Sails Place is astonishingly peaceful. Abundant greenery and a spectrum of facilities and services make this an idyllic, self-contained oasis amid the bustle of urban life. Gyms, a swimming pool, tennis courts, wellness areas, bars and private parking are available to residents.
And it’s safe. A private security service ensures that the entire district is pleasant and comfortable for everyone, at all times.
Be part of the future. Invest in Lagos Energy City today.

The sails palace

Seleziona il piano e il tipo di appartamento


An ideal base for your stay in Lagos.

Each of these business apartments is fitted out with luxury features, including innovative technologies. The smallest of the residential solutions offered by Sails Palace, they are nevertheless built to the highest standards and embody the Energy City commitment to merging quality and utility.

They are located in the central section of the building, and consist of a living room with dining area, a large kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a panoramic terrace.
  • Res1
  • Res2
  • Business5 Va Questa Va Messa In Entrambi I Business

Business Apartment A

Mixing business and pleasure, these apartments are both elegant and functional. The apartments are equally suited to being used to carry out business, a place to relax at the end of the working day, or as a main residence.

Each of these business apartments consists of a living room with a dining area, a large kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a panoramic terrace.
  • Business3
  • Business4
  • Business5 Va Questa Va Messa In Entrambi I Business

Business Apartment B

Versatile and exclusive, each apartment has luxury features and is equipped with innovative technology. They form part of Sails Palace’s smaller range of residential options. Located in the central area on the floor, they consist of a living room with a dining area, a large kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and panoramic terrace.


Choosing to live in Lagos Energy City makes sense. As well as the convenience of having every conceivable service on their doorstep, residents also enjoy the benefit of a streamlined infrastructural network.
Technology is smoothly integrated into the overall design, and attention to detail is apparent in every aspect of the development.
Energy City sets a quality of life benchmark for Lagos. It truly is a new way to live.
Facilities/Services Provided
24 hours electricity
24 hours security
24 hours janitorial/concierge services
Intrusion alert system
5 to 6 elevators in each tower
Satellite and Master Antennae
IPTV (Internet Protocol Television System)
Video Phone System
Home automation system
E-tag system for vehicle entry/exit
Dedicated lifts with specific ID
systems for penthouses
(Exclusive for towers A and B)

Living the future

A gateway to exclusivity.
Each apartment is designed with an unparalleled attention to detail.
The pictures in this brochure are artists’ renderings, designed to give a visual impression of Eko Energy City once completed. The images are indicative, but represent the intended appearance of the city as closely as possible, following current architectural and spatial design plans. Using, selling or distributing this brochure without the express permission of Orlean Invest is absolutely prohibited. All rights, intellectual property and projects of Eko Energy City are the exclusive property of Orlean Invest.
Eko Energy City is West Africa’s most ambitious vision of urban living. It’s a holistic project featuring residential, commercial and leisure areas, all seamlessly integrated into a single development. As well as creating a vibrant new business hub in Lagos, Eko Energy City sets the gold standard for luxury housing in the region. It’s Africa’s century. With Nigeria poised to enter the first rank of global economies over the coming decades, this is the perfect time to invest in the present - and future. Eko Energy City isn’t just revolutionary, it’s evolutionary.

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