Sport and Leisure

The physical and psychological wellbeing of Lagos Energy City’s occupants and residents is vital. It’s why recreation is hardwired into its design. A large swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, basement gym, and wellness and fitness areas offer a spread of leisure options to suit all tastes. Those who prefer open-air exercise can jog or run along one of a number of routes in the garden park - in complete safety.
Post-workout relaxation is provided in the lounge and open bars.

Tennis courts

Fitness area

Equipped gym

Wellness area

Dedicated locker room

Swimming pool

Sports Center

Sports Center

Designed to blend seamlessly into the surrounding parkland, Energy City’s sports center is flanked with large window panels which stream natural light into the building.
Tennis and Basketball

Tennis and Basketball

Tennis and basketballs courts kitted out with the latest equipment. A great place to let off steam and burn calories.
Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

For serious swimmers and those just looking to have a relaxing dip. The on-site pool is clean, safe and staffed by experienced professionals.


An array of modern exercise equipment is to hand for those wanting a more rigorous physical work-out. The gym contains both a weights room and cardio fitness facilities.
Relaxation Zone

Relaxation Zone

After a long day, residents can take things at a slower pace in the Sports Center’s dedicated wellness area.
Lounge Bar

Lounge Bar

Grabbing a drink with friends and socialising with other residents is also important. Which is why we’ve installed bar facilities within the Sports Center. Enjoy a cocktail at the poolside open bar.


Private security 24h / 7day

Private underground parking

Modern tecnology, wifi, tvsat

Comfort, security, tranquillity. Eko Energy City is more than just a place to live; it’s a lifestyle. 24-hour security patrols, SOS stations, video coverage and access control all make Eko the most exclusive, and safest, residence in Lagos. Open spaces, first-class amenities, superlative design and peerless service come as standard. And there’s full WiFi coverage across the entire site.
Lagos Energy City is nothing less than a revolution in urban living.

Life and work, redefined

The pictures in this brochure are artists’ renderings, designed to give a visual impression of Eko Energy City once completed. The images are indicative, but represent the intended appearance of the city as closely as possible, following current architectural and spatial design plans. Using, selling or distributing this brochure without the express permission of Orlean Invest is absolutely prohibited. All rights, intellectual property and projects of Eko Energy City are the exclusive property of Orlean Invest.
Eko Energy City is West Africa’s most ambitious vision of urban living. It’s a holistic project featuring residential, commercial and leisure areas, all seamlessly integrated into a single development. As well as creating a vibrant new business hub in Lagos, Eko Energy City sets the gold standard for luxury housing in the region. It’s Africa’s century. With Nigeria poised to enter the first rank of global economies over the coming decades, this is the perfect time to invest in the present - and future. Eko Energy City isn’t just revolutionary, it’s evolutionary.
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